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Fine Tune Technology
Spinning the fine tune ring can change vibration membrane to provide the most matched clear audio on different audio frequencies.
The vibration membrane is made of silicone with high sensitivity, which increases the sound by 20%.

Automatic Switch-Over
Changing the pressure on auscultation head lightly can automatically switch between high frequency and low frequency.

Innovative Silicon Tube
Extremely flexible conduction made of silicon feels soft, smooth and resilient.
The conduction can fold easily and fits in your medical garment.

Ultra Comfort Earbuds
The outline structure of the earbuds achieves a high level of compliance with auricle which can effectively insulate external noise to ensure sensitive sound and give you ultra comfort feeling after long time wearing.

Sealed Shaft
With hermetically sealed revolving shaft, the stethoscope can provide the clear and sonorous sound effect.

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